Using Storage to Solve Logistics Problems

Published: 20th August 2009
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Logistics is defined as the moving of resources from the point of origin to the final point of consumption. This definition covers a great deal of territory because it basically means that moving anything from point A to point B is a matter of logistics. But what happens when you need something held somewhere between the time of manufacture and the time of consumption? This is where storage comes in as a solution to logistics problems.

A classic example of a situation where storage would be useful for solving a logistics problem is a large company that needs to store a large number of parts or components that could be used in one of several different locations. In such a case, it would only make sense to have these components held in storage in a location that would be central to all of the possible end points until they are needed at one or more of these locations. Then the components can be shipped on to the location(s) requiring them to continue their work.

On a smaller scale, families who are moving from one location to another often have to place their belongings in storage, at least temporarily, while they prepare the new location for occupation. In this case, placing the belongings in storage is a solution to the problem of logistics involving a delay in movement of materials from one place to another.

There are many different types of storage that can be used to meet the demands of logistics problems. Companies often use large warehouses to store components until they are needed. In some cases, several companies may hire a logistics firm to warehouse their items until needed, and then handle getting the items shipped to where they are needed in a timely manner.

Families have the option of using bulk storage warehouses in this manner for a fee or renting self storage or mini-storage spaces to hold their belongings until they are ready for them. It is often less costly and easier on the family to utilize a self storage space near their final destination to store their belongings during a move. This way, they can have ready access to their belongings on a need basis right up to the point where they are ready to move everything into their new home.

Logistics plays a big part in our lives. Any time we need to move possessions or materials from one place to another, we use some form of logistics. If there is going to be a delay between the time of departure or completion and the time the materials will be needed, there is a need to store these items somewhere. It is therefore easy to see that storage is a major key to solving many logistics problems. Whether it is a large company's shipping parts from the manufacture to one of several assembly plants, or a family moving their belongings across the country, only to find that their new home is not quite ready, storage space can help solve logistics situations.

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